My name is Chris and I’m the creator/founder of Utopian Kitchen.  I’ve always been obsessed with food. My passion for experimenting in the kitchen allows me to not only express my creativity but also to share it with friends—and now with you! (we can be friends, too! Find me on Facebook or Instagram)

Peanut Butter was (and still is) something I ate on a daily basis, and I was constantly searching for the “right” one.  One day I decided to make my own and started with honey roasted peanuts.  Soon I was adding different spices, mix-ins, and testing different combinations. 

It can be hard to take an already existing amazing product, and make it better, but I liked the direction I was headed!  Soon I landed on four flavors that I was in love with, and decided to share them with the world, and thus Utopian Kitchen Peanut Butters was born.

Utopian Kitchen produces delicious, mouthwatering foods that provide happiness and satisfaction to our customers.  Our food creations are on another level, and customers should walk away thinking, “that is something I could eat every, single day.”  One taste should take you to food paradise!

Utopian Kitchen Peanut Butters are so delicious you will be tempted to eat them straight from the jar!  Get a spoon, use your fingers (we won’t tell!), or any other means necessary – when you eat our delicious Peanut Butters, you will be in your happy place!  You’ll never look at Peanut Butter the same way after Utopian Kitchen.